What I’m Doing Now

Last Updated: 21 September 2017


I’ve spent the last month in Sydney for a large financial institution.

Current Focus

I’m still aiming to publish frequently on this site, but haven’t been able to enter a regular routine. I have many ideas floating about, its just a matter of implementation. Using my site as a reference at my work place, I discovered my custom theme wasn’t consistently visible, so I’ve just revamped it. Jekyll made it easy, the Colophon will be updated to reflect the changes.

The Online Go Server is both good and bad, but I think that I won’t start any new games once I’ve finished the ones I’m currently in. Even though its turn based, I make moves without looking at all the possibilities. I hope I can play in person soon. In terms of rank, I’m hovering around the 10 kyu mark, which was not too far off where I was at a few years ago when I was playing more consistently.

Plenty of other projects on the back-burner!

This page inspired by nownownow.