About Simon Duff

Simon was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. He now spend much of his time traveling between various Australian cities for work, and Singapore, to spend time with his wife and children.

He is a Professional Services Consultant for a leading Big-Data company, which allows him to work with many large enterprises. Each client has their own unique set of use-cases and challenges, which provides ample room for creative and practical solutions.

Simon was inspired to start blogging about his work as an aid to help demystify big-data, both in terms of its capabilities and limitations.

In a former life, Simon was a Computer Security Consultant. Prior to that, he was pursuing research in Artificial Intelligence, leading to him obtaining a Masters in Applied Science.

For more details about Simon’s current activities, see his now page.

You can find Simon elsewhere on the web:

Simon is done talking in the third person 😉